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​Our love story with the Dekel Beach began at the year 2000 ​​when​ ​our strong connection to the sea, wind and the desert crossed paths ​​​with our ambitions of different types of hosting, delicious foods, ​funky drinks, and most of all, a chance to relax​ and enjoy life. Our highly impressive coast line on the shores of the Red Sea, offers everything you need to enjoy a perfect day of fun in the sun

Dekel Beach, Eilat

בר מסעדה - חוף הדקל
Chill-out Music
Wheelchair Accessible
Great Beach Food
Vegetarian Food Friendly
Free WiFi
Free Parking
Groovy Cocktails
Swimming at Dekel Beach
All Kinds of Shade
Cool Outdoor Showers
Paddle Board Rental
WC at Dekel Beach


נגישות החוף:

חניית נכים, כניסה נגישה, שירותים נגישים, דלפק נגיש, שולחנות נגישים. 
ניתן להיכנס עם חיית שירות קשורה.

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